30 years ago, a Greek artist began experimenting with candle wick and silver pieces creating unique, hand-made jewelry. This jewelry line, now known as Babylonia, incorporates symbols and values into each piece.

These hand-made works of art became so desired that they are now distributed in dozens of countries around the world carrying the artist’s dream beyond borders.

The symbols tied around handmade wick represent our personality always in harmony with our friends, family, loved ones.

The idea is that the symbols choose us and not the other way around.

We are drawn to each one of them based on our emotions, desires and experiences at the time or our state of mind.

Wearing Babylonia jewelry feels like you are wearing your deepest thoughts, dreams and values in your everyday life.

The stay with you always reminding you of all things important to you while making a fashion statement.

Super water resistant to keep them timeless and color vividful for a long time.


Optimism (sun): each day starts with a bright sun within our hearts giving us joy and hope and when we think positive, things go better.

Soul (coil): think our soul shaking like a coil after a strong feeling, good or bad, and taking its time to come to its original calm state.

Trust (daisy): nowadays trusting can be tricking and a little romantic but we think of it as a 5-leaf daisy, always ending positive if you start positive.

Love (heart): it is the most important feeling in our lives that without it everything feel incomplete.

Hope (star): remember when you catch a star falling out of the sky, either you are a believer or not, you make a wish hoping for better new days.

Faith (cross): have faith to ourselves, to people and our values of life.

Communication (antenna): inspired by all those industrial antenna towers we can see the need of people to communicate and engage.

Adaptability (fish): like every fish in every river, sea or ocean, people can adapt quickly in new conditions creating a safe enviroment all over again along with their life values.

Fantasy (arrow out of the box): many people are used living the same way every day feeling safe in this routine but wanting something different requires to think outside of the box and excite your mind.

Redefinition (numbers): through the stable value of number we can redefine other life values that got lost through everyday life and difficulties such as trust, love, solidarity.

Safety (anchor): it reflects the meaning of safety when during a difficult period you can lean on, to get through the storm.

Solidarity (carabiner): no man can climb a mountain all by himself. Having the right tools and fellow climber’s support can achieve anything. Same goes in life.

Climber : wanting to achieve personal goals, it always feels like we are about to climb to an unknown territory and the time we succeed, we feel full like the professional climbers.

Climate Change (Ο2): our life and our bodies would be nothing without oxygen. It exists everywhere despite we cannot see it and we need to protect the enviroment  in order to continue breathing.

Ambition (arrow): people set goals and set a plan in order to achieve them much like archers aiming trying to hit the target in front of them.

Peace: many people over the years have fought hard to achieve and maintain  peace in their lives, societies even with their own self, trying to create a safe enviroment where everything blooms.

Renaissance (egg): a small change can cause a big impact even a total transformation of our heart, mind and soul guiding us to the life we want.

Sentiment (waved arrow):  the reaction to a very intense incident is expressed by incandescent resistances when two opposite poles come together.

Common Effort (ring 8): imagine two circles like two wedding rings touching each others always, walking together to achieving the better life. Now imagine these two circles lying down creating the Infinity symbol. People a rewired to try forever for the things the love.

Love & Peace